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Experts en : Recherche en sciences de l'information

Bernhard, Paulette

BERNHARD, Paulette

Professeure honoraire

  • Bibliothèques d'enseignement
  • Bibliothèques et centres documentaires scolaires
  • Recherche de l'information
  • Habiletés d'information et formation à l'usage de l'information - formation des utilisateurs
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Daraz, Lubna

DARAZ, Lubna

Professeure adjointe

Knowledge is empowerment. Reliable health knowledge (information) has a tremendous impact on the social and economic well-being of Canadians. My research involves collaboration between multidisciplinary teams to study people's health information-seeking behavior and develop evidence-based tools and frameworks that can improve health outcomes and quality of care. lives of vulnerable, underserved and disadvantaged populations.

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